Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Membership has grown to 19

The membership of The Learning Concierge Society has grown to 19, postings are still limited to Jane attempting to encourage discussion and posting links to articles that relate to the topic of Learning Concierge.
I did make a request to hear more examples of how members act as Learning Concierges in a professional capacity, and this has generated 5 responses, with one member adding a link to a blogpost that was relevant, which they had published earlier in the year. 
One new member has posted a group-wide comment relating to their role as a guide to finding reliable sources of information for workplace use. 
So the conversation continues, albeit slowly.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slowly forming with direction but little participation

My Learning Concierge Society is noticeably inactive. The Director of the Society, Jane, has been posting regularly (twice weekly) however it seems that the initial interest displayed by members has waned. There is little, if any response to Jane's postings which is not generating any energy within the group. It is an informal group, with no requirement for participation and I am wondering if it is simply a condition of a community in it's formative stages. I will continue to observe and I hope that my open declaration that I am observing the group has not deterred other participants from posting.