Friday, July 23, 2010

Connectivism and plearn'ing

Don't ask me how but I stumbled upon a video on UStream by Stephen Downes titled Learning to Learn. Initially I was not sure if I would be able to last throughout the 85 mins but it was well worth it for the Aha! moment.
He briefly touches on Connectivism & goes on to explain plearn'ing (personal learning), which is the method of learning that I am following in the research that makes up the content of this blog.
His recommendations in the Critical Literacies course are...
Aggregate - bring in the information (Google reader)
Remix - record a piece of information somewhere, write a post...enter into a space that will become your own personal library
Repurpose - working with the content and apply critical thinking or creativity to make something of your own out of it.
Feed forward - publish this info to get the content out there
These steps are delineated in a course titled Critical Literacies

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