Sunday, July 25, 2010

From Andragogy & Heutagogy

I printed this article earlier in the month and have only just had a chance to read it. Surprisingly the info fits perfectly with what I have recently read re:Connectivism & p'learn'ing. The article explains how Heutagogy is a progression from Androgogy. The article is written by Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon from Southern Cross University & published in 2000, so I am keen to research any further writings from Hase. There are several references for further reading in the article....that should keep me busy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Connectivism and plearn'ing

Don't ask me how but I stumbled upon a video on UStream by Stephen Downes titled Learning to Learn. Initially I was not sure if I would be able to last throughout the 85 mins but it was well worth it for the Aha! moment.
He briefly touches on Connectivism & goes on to explain plearn'ing (personal learning), which is the method of learning that I am following in the research that makes up the content of this blog.
His recommendations in the Critical Literacies course are...
Aggregate - bring in the information (Google reader)
Remix - record a piece of information somewhere, write a post...enter into a space that will become your own personal library
Repurpose - working with the content and apply critical thinking or creativity to make something of your own out of it.
Feed forward - publish this info to get the content out there
These steps are delineated in a course titled Critical Literacies

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Facilitating Online 2010

Finally the commencement of FOC10 in a few weeks. So much has happened since I was considering completing FOC09, I have had a baby and extended my mat leave until end Jan 2010. I am looking forward to involving myself in study and adult conversation.
In looking at the initial intention of this blog ....
"This blog is an online diary to assist me in navigating through my journey of learning about online tools. The information that I am collecting is directing me to more & more (& then some more) technologies, tools & techniques that I will be able to use as an online facilitator." seems that this journey of discovery of online tools & technologies has gained some perspective however something that is clear is the fact that the journey of discovery will be endless, as there will always be a new technology or terminology available to online facilitators.
I'm keen to commence this new leg in my journey of discovery & to network with an international group of students/facilitators who I can learn from.