Monday, June 5, 2017

Facilitator Accelerator Program - listen to the music

When the exciting opportunity became available to participate in - what is now known as, the Facilitator Accelerator program I was - excited, beyond excited perhaps almost bordering on fervent. I was anticipating the addition of yet another layer of thinking.  My fervour to add another layer of thinking to the already busy world of day to day seems sometimes like a form of self-sabbotage but the lure of the 'lightbulb moment' is too intense.  
This addition of another dimension to my world I liken to listening to multiple playlistsšŸŽ¶, where I tune into the day to day pop & rock playlist of facilitating induction, attending meetings and planning for facilitation and then when do I get time to listen to the soulful soundtrackšŸŽ¶ of the course that I am completing I might have to do this late at night, after I have listened to the rhythm & blues playlist of dinner, washing up, bath time and family time.
Sometimes when I am listening to the day to day I hear similarities to the soundtrack of the course I am completing. This recognition is exciting because it is as if the playlists are not completely adjacent but rather could perhaps one day be combined to be played as a mixed playlist of music šŸŽ¶that fits together and makes sense, 
even though each song is independent one makes sense next to the other. 
There are those other times when the noise is too loud from one playlist and distracts me from the soundtrackšŸŽ¶ I should be currently listening to. I ask myself questions like 'Do I need to listen to the whole playlist?', How do I hear what I need to hear when I need to hear it? These questions are all about me using my time efficiently however sometimes it seems when I relax and just listen to where the music takes me I am led to the 'lightbulb moments' that are the reason I was listening in the first place.