Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can Voicethread build community online?

The plethora of tools and technologies that we are offered in this course may be somewhat overwhelming at times but I think it is important to remember that as an online facilitator we aren't obliged to use all of the tools. You may use some of the tools as a learner to keep up to date in your field (I find Twitter particularly useful to pull in information) you may choose tools to collate information (bookmarking tools like Diigo and delicious) but I think Voicethread is a perfect tool for engaging learners and building an online community.

However, that said, I have not had much success engaging learners previously. See one of my previous blog posts Evaluate facilitation of my Voicethread asynchronous activities

Regardless of my lack of success, following are some examples of how Voicethread can be used to very effectively build a discussion online.

Take a look at this Voicethread presented by Michelle Pacansky-Brock The first slide contains many comments (both written and recorded audio) which may seem like a lot, but make sure you listen to the first 4 comments as this will also give you the opportunity to see how Michelle has visually recorded herself making a comment, which adds another dimension to this tool.

This Voicethread addresses Managing multi-membership in Social Networks, and offers some useful tips. (Note this Voicethread was linked in the blogpost referred to above)

I invite you to participate in How can you use Voicethread? even if you just make a comment as to whether you have ever seen Voicethread before or have you used it, maybe how you think you could use Voicethread in your practise.

If you are interested in creating your own Voicethread simply follow these instructions.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

One small step for Kim

One giant leap for me learning how to use tools and technologies.

Check this out! you may need to click on the playline to restart the video

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.
 I am not 100% happy with the layout of the Prezi and the voiceover is low, with background sounds (ie my dishwasher) but at least I have a presentation with voiceover that I can embed in my blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Journey to...?still not being able to upload a presentation, but working on it!

I have been very indecisive this past week. As I expressed in my last post, I realised that I need 'something' to work with - a syllabus, but I have since been inspired, so many times, to revert back to my original idea (which I am very passionate about) of creating an online course about learning online. However I think that my mistake (remembering that they are not mistakes, if they become learning opportunities - Sandra agrees with me on this one) has been thinking that I need a syllabus, maybe I just need a 'bunch of stuff' (resources and references) which I will pull together and then sort into some order.
So what if I am going about this a 'different' way, let's just enjoy the Journey!

I have created a Prezi titled 'Online Learning Journey' which I wanted to record a voiceover on, so that I can upload it into this blogpost, however,  I could not afford the time to play with various recording tools. I have watched Todd's instructions on the recorded synchronous session, so I am going back to that as my guide.

After reading about various students challenges faced in doing this, I can now sympathise, there are plenty of tools, but you need to use one to get the other to read the first thing you started with, to make it upload. aaarrghhh!

 In the interests of saving time and my sanity I decided to use an old screencast that I have recorded on creating a Voicethread. I used Screenr but I could not get it to save on my drive to allow me to embed it in this blog. Then I used Jing.....what an easy to use tool, I am a fan. That said I am still unable to upload the recording (swf file) that Jing allowed me to save to my drive.
I am  so good at this technology thing...NOT!

Watch this space, I am determined to upload a video. However if you are at all interested in any of the 'recorded stuff' I have included links in the blogpost. I can appreciate how embedding a video for students is much more convenient than having to click on a link and be taken to another site. 
Warning: the above video link does not work, definitely, go ahead try it! see nothing

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Syllabus

I have had all good intentions to compile a syllabus to conduct an online course about online learning, as a personal venture. I started work on compiling a syllabus on Saturday morning and recognised, by Sunday afternoon, that this is a massive project.
I watched Lisa's video on how to convert a syllabus into an online format, and it dawned on me that to modify a syllabus into an online format you need to have a syllabus - to create a syllabus is 5 steps backwards.
So, that said, I have resigned myself to use my current work induction program as my 'syllabus' and initiate a sharepoint site to post the information which can be used for conducting induction in an online format, or partly online program. The program will not be on the open web, but rather behind the confines of a firewall within my workplace intranet.