Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Journey to...?still not being able to upload a presentation, but working on it!

I have been very indecisive this past week. As I expressed in my last post, I realised that I need 'something' to work with - a syllabus, but I have since been inspired, so many times, to revert back to my original idea (which I am very passionate about) of creating an online course about learning online. However I think that my mistake (remembering that they are not mistakes, if they become learning opportunities - Sandra agrees with me on this one) has been thinking that I need a syllabus, maybe I just need a 'bunch of stuff' (resources and references) which I will pull together and then sort into some order.
So what if I am going about this a 'different' way, let's just enjoy the Journey!

I have created a Prezi titled 'Online Learning Journey' which I wanted to record a voiceover on, so that I can upload it into this blogpost, however,  I could not afford the time to play with various recording tools. I have watched Todd's instructions on the recorded synchronous session, so I am going back to that as my guide.

After reading about various students challenges faced in doing this, I can now sympathise, there are plenty of tools, but you need to use one to get the other to read the first thing you started with, to make it upload. aaarrghhh!

 In the interests of saving time and my sanity I decided to use an old screencast that I have recorded on creating a Voicethread. I used Screenr but I could not get it to save on my drive to allow me to embed it in this blog. Then I used Jing.....what an easy to use tool, I am a fan. That said I am still unable to upload the recording (swf file) that Jing allowed me to save to my drive.
I am  so good at this technology thing...NOT!

Watch this space, I am determined to upload a video. However if you are at all interested in any of the 'recorded stuff' I have included links in the blogpost. I can appreciate how embedding a video for students is much more convenient than having to click on a link and be taken to another site. 
Warning: the above video link does not work, definitely, go ahead try it! see nothing


Erica Duran said...

Dang Girl, you are trying! I love your Prezi! It really looks great and I can completely identify with this whole "journey" thing. It is sometimes difficult to just scrap what you know and find some new anchor. I like the syllabus idea too and find it difficult to move beyond that at times.

I don't see a video posted, but that will come later. You got farther with Jing than I did. As soon as I saw I had to download something I went straight to SlideShare instead.

Great work this week. I'm envious of your progress...and you're right, you're not making mistakes, you're learning. Thank you for reminding me of that too. I'm feeling a little too hard on myself lately.

Mike Bogle said...

Hi Kim, I TOTALLY sympathise with your tech-headaches. It's also the main reason I ultimately resorted to hosting my own instance of WordPress where I make the rules about what get's uploaded and embedded. Finding a service that let's you embed Flash/SWF files is like finding a needle in a haystack, though from your subsequent posts I see that you figured out a way to do it! 100 points for perseverence :)

Kim Mc said...

Thanks Mike, I am very proud of myself, even if I am not happy with the final product, the sense of satisfaction in being able to use the technology is encouraging...sometimes it's not the outcome or the destination, it's the journey that holds the value.