Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Managing your online footprint

I have listened to Episode 19 of 'E-learning insights' podcast produced by Kerrie Smith for Edna on 29th July 2008.
Laurel Papworth (Social Network Strategist) was the keynote speaker & presented various concepts & tools for using online networks to develop an individual (professional) profile.
Laurel's concepts .... Various social networks (My Space, Facebook) allow people to connect with others to create an online identity which can be very useful for developing skills & perspective to use with other various professional networking sites (such as this & http://www.me.edu.au/) to create a professional identity.
Laurel's tools .... http://www.slideshare.net/ (a free site for uploading slide shows, allowing public access) - Laurel's slide shows can be found at SilkCharm. More info on Laurel can be found at http://www.laurelpapworth.com/. Laurel also suggested I take a look at http://www.blogger.com/ which has resulted in me creating this blog.