Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joining mobiMOOC to share m-learning hints and techniques

Silver spring by Katmere
So here I go again, into another MOOC.

PLENK raised my awareness about my learning journey, CCK11 sent my head into a spin, but I think mobiMOOC will be a platform for sharing ideas about m-learning.

Why am I keen to be involved?
I am most recently the proud owner of an iphone 4. I was uncertain (for months) about making the 'financial' commitment but when my 'old' (very old) phone failed me several times over, I had no choice but to move into the future, and I have been surprised by the convenience that the iphone offers. Linking to my google calendar (one calendar in my hand!!!), reading and deleting emails while waiting for my son to come out of his Taekwondo grading.

Now I find out that I can take photos and have the immediately upload to flickr, I need to get me some more of these m-learning hints....and I have found where I can source this wealth of knowledge...Mobimooc.

In researching which phone to purchase (ie. asking everybody I know, who has a mobile phone, what they like about their phone) I was surprised to find that there is an 'in-balance' of information, if this is the right way to express it.

Let me explain...

I particularly targetted the Gen Y'ers, thinking they would know so much more than me about all things 'online', but some did not know what an RSS feed or an Android was, I was bamboozling them with my technical knowledge. It reinforced yet again (how many times do I need to learn this lesson) everybody else does not neccessarily know more than me but everybody knows many things that I do not know. That is why learning online is about sharing information and that is what I hope get and give in this course.

I am an avid podcast listener, previously I was maxed out on my 1Gb Ipod (which I still cannot part with) but now I am armed with a 32Gb Iphone - the possibilities are endless.

Angry bird coaching by Nick Chill
 I am developing my skills as an online facilitator but in my own online learning journey I am keen to develop techniques to work smarter as an online learner so that I can pass these on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I like your story of unknown knowledge. Makes me think of a way to make my own unknown knowledge visible. Wonder if a mindmap can do that?
regards Jaap

Anonymous said...

That is a post that I can embrace.
Growth and knowledge is a powerful and gratifying thing.
Talk soon.