Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pedagogy first - my introduction

I stumbled upon this course when reading one of Stephen Downes' OLDaily newsletters (always a wealth of information about educational technology and many other topics).

I am keen to be involved in another MOOC and share ideas in an international forum. With the focus on pedagogy, I am hoping that the course content will relate to my interests in adult learning online. I wonder if many of the participants will come from the perspective of teachers in a classroom environment K-12 or adult ed, even so, I am confident that I will still be able to actively participate and contribute.

I am working in the Insurance Industry, predominantly training new staff however I am keen to become involved in more skill development of existing staff and leaders. I will be able to contribute a corporate perspective from a highly regulated industry (that sounds exciting, doesn't it?)
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Nancy Lewis said...

Hi Kim, I'm also curious to know what types of educators are taking this class. I work for a private English training company with a wide range of student base, from kids to college students to business people to Russian Olympics committee personnel. Personally, I write materials for the 25-35 young professional demographic, who are increasingly moving their studies online.

Kim Mc said...

Thanks Nancy, do you have the opportunity to teach/train the variety of ages in your training company or do you specifically write and teach 25-35 yr olds?

Mike Bogle said...

Hi Kim,

I hadn't realised you're an Aussie! I actually work at UNSW and live in the Blue Mountains, so I'm not all that far away from you geographically. :)

In terms of my educational sector, I'm in higher education but interested in most aspects of the learning process. So it will be really interesting to see where the course takes us!

Todd Conaway said...

Just checking in here to say hello! Let me know if I can help with any Blogger questions.

The blog looks awesome!

Nancy Lewis said...

My company targets the 25-25 demographic, especially those who are learning English to get a promotion or to work in an English-speaking country. People younger than that get English classes from their schools, and people older than that have already established their careers and are less interested in learning English to get ahead.