Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slowly forming with direction but little participation

My Learning Concierge Society is noticeably inactive. The Director of the Society, Jane, has been posting regularly (twice weekly) however it seems that the initial interest displayed by members has waned. There is little, if any response to Jane's postings which is not generating any energy within the group. It is an informal group, with no requirement for participation and I am wondering if it is simply a condition of a community in it's formative stages. I will continue to observe and I hope that my open declaration that I am observing the group has not deterred other participants from posting. 

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cparkin said...

Hi Kim,
I've decided to do a 'reccy' on other blogs in our UNE517 course (particularly as my OLC also has some challenges with it) and came across this post.
I hope these issues with both our OLCs afford us some scope for discussion (albeit perhaps with a negative focus) in our next assignment.
All the best,