Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Practical guide to e-learning for industry

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF) website offers a wealth of knowledge & information relating to e-learning or online learning on their Home page dedicated to e-learning in Industry.
One particular resource that stands out on this site is the 157 page 'Practical guide to e-learning for Industry'. This document provides details for consideration when understanding, planning, requesting funding, designing, producing, testing & delivering e-learning. The document is themed in a similar format to the London tube guide & is easy to read with general information targetted at various audiences who may be involved in e-learning; designers, stakeholders, subject matter experts - in fact anyone who wants to understand how e-learning modules are created & used.
This document was produced as a result of the Industry engagement project of the AFLF in 2007, the producers are Dr Neville Higgins & Dr David Keightley. Whilst this resource is now 2 years old the information is generic & as a result is not out of date.
A more up to date document that complements this guide is 'Guidelines for supporting e-learners', produced in Feb 2009 by Clint Smith (Learnworks PL as a result of Industry Integrations of e-learning business activity. this doc offers statistical results from research about uses of e-learning in workplaces. It is about looking at e-learning uses & as the title suggests "suporting" e-learning in the workplace by suggesting strategies for increasing such support.

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