Sunday, March 22, 2009

Facilitating online communities - free online course

Facilitating online communities is an online course offered by Otago Polytechnic (NZ) to formal learners (fee paying learners who have their work assessed & receive certification for successful completion of the course) and informal learners (lurkers or non-fee paying learners who follow the course to develop professional expertise). The course was facilitated by Leigh Blackall (Educational Developer for Otago Polytechnic). The course ran from July 2008 for 17 weeks & attracted an international audience. Leigh intends to run the course from July 2009 & is hoping to offer it to all learners free of fees. Leigh offers a concise & honest retrospective of the course on the blogspot page.
My intention is to work through the course program & complete the research topics on the weekly To Do lists & come July I will be able to participate in the real-time activities ie. Preparation for online mini-conference, considering feedback provided from other participants in the course. The course offers a blend of theories along with technical explanation of tools to use when facilitating online.

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